Tyler comes out with his best album to date. After the failure that was Cherry Bomb. He also comes out of the closet?

I'm not a huge fan of rap. There are some exceptions, I love Outcast and enjoy some older stuff like Biggie or Nas. But Tyler has never really been my jam. Always thought Earl the strongest talent from the whole OF crew. But this album is awesome.

You will not find a dull moment on this album. Tyler is at his best rapping about his insecurities and failed attempts at love and belonging.

I'm just going to let his lyrics do the talking for this review.

“Shoutout to the girls that I lead on/For occasional head and always keeping my bed warm/And trying they hardest to keep my head on straight/And keeping me up enough till I had thought I was airborne.”

“Next line will have ‘em like ‘Whoa’: I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004.”


Tyler is usually immature and vulgar for the fuck of it. He has matured greatly on this album. He seems to have realized past wrong doings and may have actually learned from them. I'm looking forward to what Tyler will do in the Future. This is my surprise album of the year.