Alex G has one of the most unique sounds in indie rock. It's Elliot Smith meets the Beastie Boys. On Rocket he elevates these sounds to new heights. 

Alex explained his new album to Stereogum like this,“The reason you enjoy music is because of its unlimited potential, the inability to really understand it.” It seems like many artists today feel the need to explain their every move via whatever social media channel or media outlet they are communicating through. That's why Alex G is so refreshing, he lets his music do all of the talking and leaves it up to the listener to find meaning.

Rocket is his most ambitious work to date. The album jumps from style to style and doesn't appear to have a linear flow. At the halfway point the track "Brick" sounds like an Ill communication era Beastie Boys B-side. But it is oddly enjoyable and seems to fit the album perfectly.

The album has an inescapable feeling of paranoia and anxiety. Illustrated with accounts of past failures and loves gone awry. “Are you guilty?/ Are you waiting to be found?/ Do you think that you’d be happier with no one else around?” he sings on the final track "Guilty." Alex G stays true to himself and his feelings throughout the album, never fully explaining his meaning yet providing the listener with an intimate emotional connection.

Best Tracks:

“Powerful Man”, “Bobby”, and “Sportstar”