On their self titled debut Cigarettes After Sex offer a take on modern love songs with a dark dream pop backdrop.

Cigarettes After Sex, that name alone might turn you off and make you avoid this album. I know I had some apprehension when first hearing about them. The album and its themes are a clear reflection of the title. Littered with love ballads about sexual encounters and modern love letters via sexy snapchats. “You open your dress and show me your tits on the swing set at the playground,” sings lead singer Greg Gonzalez on track "Sunsetz."

The lyrics are cheesy and annoying at times. But that is almost unavoidable when singing about modern dating and romance. Everything is cliche and grossly shallow nowadays. Gonzalez's voice and the bands great musical skills are enough to mask these cheesy moments. Gonzalez is so nonchalant with his delivery that he paints a strangely believable and dreamy scene.

Over all this is a solid album for rainy days and lonely sleepless nights, if you are into that sort of thing.