LCD Soundsytem, they broke up right? They did, kind of. Did they pull that stunt to sell out MSG? Maybe, but who cares. They are back, so fuck it. 

I have never really been like, "Oh man I want to listen to a whole LCD album straight through." I usually bounce around from song to song, back and forth between albums. I think that is how they are digested best.

I saw them live for the first time this summer at Pitchfork and it completely changed my perception of them. Seeing their massive band piece together so many different sounds so well creates a whole different feeling than what can be achieved listening to an album at home. Some bands suck live, LCD blows your mind live, but kind of lose their luster on my car stereo.

This album has gotten so much press and hype that it kind of ruined it for me. They've been saying this album will be coming out for like two-three years now. Then they released the shitty album artwork and everyone went crazy. I was very disappointed by the artwork. I honestly believe their is a correlation between album artwork and music quality.

This album doesn't suck as much as it's artwork would have you believe, but it definitely doesn't live up to the hype that I've been hearing for the last 3 years. The best songs are Call the Police and American Dream, which I heard month before on SNL. The rest of the album is very boring and flat. The songs slowly build into another slow build and then end in a slow fade, not a lot of high-energy or emotion to be found.

Will these songs be awesome live, probably. Will I ever listen to the whole album straight through, no. I actually got bored with it after about four listens and haven't played it since.