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7 – Beach House

Beach House are the best and everyone knows it. The consisitency at which they create great music is pretty much unheard of. Even that B-sides album Thank Your Lucky stars was better than most albums that came out last year. 

With 7 the duo known as Beach House have blessed us with what I think is their most complete and compelling album. Every song builds on the last so fluidly and effortlessly. It is heavy and immersive, one of my favorite tracks "L'Inconnue" is mostly in French, a language I do not even speak. That goes to show the power of Beach House and how music is really just sound and the human voice regardless of the language can be the most powerful instrument.

Not much else I can say about this album. I love it. You will too. Unless of course you suck and don't like good music.

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Beyondless – Iceage

This is the first Iceage album I have really listened to.
I was pleasantly surprised as this is one of the best albums I have listened to this year. I've had it on repeat for a month and I highly recommend checking it out.

If you are as unfamiliar with Iecage as I was here is an intro to their sound. They are a Danish punk band with slightly gothic influences. That sounded very pretentious as I typed and reread it, so basically they sound fucking cool. I'm sure it sounds even more punk and raw live. I will definitely try and see them this summer/fall/winter and you should too.

This is probably the easiest review I have ever written. This Iggy Pop quote pretty much sums everything up:

"Iceage is the only current punk band that sounds really dangerous.”

I completely agree with him.

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God’s Favorite Customer – Father John Misty

Josh Tillman returns as everyone's favorite narcissist, Father John Misty. His follow up to last year's Pure Comedy is much more subdued and personal. But don't worry there is still plenty of witty commentary to go around.

Tillman retreated to a New York City hotel room for two months to create this album. One can only assume the chemicals and psychedelic concoctions that were consumed during that time. Despite this rock n' roll cliché creative process the end-product is quite pleasing. FJM manages to remove his ego and delve to personal levels unheard of for him since I love you, Honeybear. 

The former Fleet Foxes drummer sounds tired and worn down. Playing the part of Mr. Misty seems to have finally taken a toll on him. Which may have been for the best, his lyrics sound more honest, dark and vulnerable in this state of mind. He still has his sense of humor in tact as he displays on the piano ballad "Palace":

"Last night I wrote a poem/Man, I must’ve been in the poem zone.”

The themes of politics, religion and existential dread run deep on this album. But they are delivered in a simplified and self examining way. This version of FJM is refreshing and welcome. One can only listen and enjoy it, who knows how long it will last and what he has up his sleeve in the future.

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Love What Survives – Mount Kimbie

If you want to be pleasantly surprised by an electronic band you have never heard of then have I got the album for you. 

Mount Kimbie is that band and their album Love What Survives will blow you away. I was unfamiliar with this band prior to listening. I had seen it get good reviews but was skeptical due to its electronic label.

This is not an electronic album. I thought I was listening to a post-punk band, albeit with different frontman on most songs. The climax being the King Krule fronted Blue Train Lines. This song is amazing. It features tons of feedback, a heavy baseline and compact/sharp drums overlaid by Archy Marshall’s haggard vocals. It's a winning combination, and one I wish Marshall would adopt on his solo releases. (I really am not a King Krule fan.) This is my favorite song of the year, hands down. Imagery of death, drugs and struggle, it doesn't get any more punk than that.

The rest of the album is solid. Delta is a great track and the James Blake collabs are actually pretty good too. I wish I knew more about this band to write a better review. What I do know is this album is great and will get many more listens from me in the future as it should from you too.

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